Everyone loves a burger and a sausage on the BBQ, but really, the list is endless with so many delicious options and marinade choices to be made. To help inspire you we’ve listed some of our favourite and most popular below:

Pork kebabs in Italian marinade
Lamb kebabs in mint marinade
Chicken kebabs in tikka marinade
Rump steak (Hip bone) in peppers
Sirloin steak
Fillet steak
Chicken drumsticks in Piri Piri
Chicken wings in Southern BBQ
Butterfly chicken supreme with Jamaican jerk
Spicy lamb grill stick
Turkey steak in lemon pepper
Beef grill stick in mixed peppers


Discounts are given on larger amounts e.g. 6 or more will become cheaper

Beef burgers (approx. 2oz/60g)
Beef burgers (approx. 4oz/110g)
Steak burgers
Pork and apple burgers (approx. 4oz/110g)
Minty lamb burgers (approx. 4oz/110g)
Chicken burgers (approx 4oz/110g)


Pork and tomato
Pork and leek
Lincolnshire with black pudding (Breakfast sausage)
Pork and stilton
Pork, chilli and garlic
Pork, stuffing and apple
Pork with chorizo
Gluten free pork sausages – please order in advance

N.B. If you’re planning a BBQ for a large event you will receive discounts depending on the size of the order. We do this automatically to save you money.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our Marinades and sauces section to view the exciting marinades we can add to your meat to make your BBQ more tasty.