Christmas and occasions

We love a good celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a delicious meal with your family or friends.

For the last 14 years we’ve been using the same turkey supplier. The turkey is succulent and the feedback from our customers is always so positive.

When to place your Christmas order

As of 1st October we will officially start taking orders for Christmas and New Year. We stop taking orders  on 13th November this year . Prefered method of ordering is in store.

Place an order for Christmas and New Year


Fresh turkey breast


Our most popular Christmas and New Year roast has to be turkey breast. This no mess and no waste joint is simply pure turkey breast, which is easy to carve.

To help you choose the right weight we use the guide of half lb or 220g per person. For example a family of 4 would need a turkey breast joint approx 2-2.5lb or 1-1.25kg in weight.

N.B. If you enjoy your leftovers please remember to choose a slightly larger size.

Fresh turkeys and capon style chicken

As a guide, the following information shows you the weight of a whole turkey or capon style chicken and how many people it will feed. If you enjoy leftovers please bear this in mind and order a slightly larger size.

7lbs/3.1kg = 6 people
8lbs/3.6kg = 7 people
9lbs/4.0kg = 8 people
10lbs/4.5kg = 9 people
11lbs/5.0kg = 10 people
12lbs/5.5kg = 11 people
13lbs/5.9kg = 12 people
14lbs/6.4kg = 13 people
15lbs/7.3kg = 14 people

N.B. Capon style chickens range from 3.5lb/1.6kg to approx 11lb/5kg in weight.

A joint of meat such as gammon or bacon always complement a Christmas meal.

There are many other great meats to help make your celebration special. Choices include:

Rib of beef (choose from 1, 2 ,3 or 4 ribs)
Sirloin in a joint
Fillet steak in a joint
Gammon joint
Bacon joint
Boneless leg of pork
Spare rib of pork
Leg of lamb
Fillet of lamb
Rack of lamb
Rolled beef

Pork pies

Pork pies are great for buffets and supper. Please also order your pork pie when placing your Christmas order. Choose from:

Small pork pie
Medium pork pie
Large pork pie
Gala pork pie

Don’t forget your accompaniments:

Cranberry sauce
Redcurrant sauce
Horseradish sauce
Mint sauce
Stuffing – see Marinades and sauces for selection
Streaky bacon
Sausage meat

Ways to place your order

You can either:

  • Visit us in store and talk with one of our butchers to get ideas on the right product and size that you need
  • Call us on 024 7659 3987