Cooked products and cheese

Cooked meats

Cooked meats are available in various sized packs starting from approx 4oz/110g = 3 slices.

Boiled ham cooked_meats
Honey roast ham
Turkey breast
Roast beef
Roast pork
Corned beef
Faggots x 6


Our cheese is available in approx 8oz/220g or 1lb/500g packs.

Mild cheese – Calveley Mill cheese
Mature cheese – Wyke Farms
Extra mature cheese – Wyke Farms and Collier’s
Red Leicester cheese – Calveley Mill
Stilton cheese

Pies and cakes

All our delicious meat pies are handmade and freshly baked at The Baker’s Dozen, Kenilworth using our own meat to ensure they are of high quality.

Steak pie (small) pies
Steak pie (large)
Chicken and mushroom (small)
Chicken and mushroom (large)
Sausage roll (small) pork_pies
Pork pie (small)
Pork pie (medium)

Gala pork pies can be ordered on request.

Fruit pies and cakes

Our fruit pies and cakes are also handmade and freshly baked at The Baker’s Dozen, Kenilworth. Choices include:

Apple pie cakes
Apple and black pie (seasonal – blackberry/blackcurrant etc)
Cherry pie
Madeira cake
Lemon cake
Chocolate cake
Farm house fruit cake

Other cakes = Eccles cakes (not from The Baker’s Dozen).