lamb_mainOur tasty lamb is provided by our carefully selected supplier in the Midlands.

We buy our lamb in carcass form so that we can use traditional methods to produce quality joints and cuts.

Diced lamb


Ideal for slow-cooking such as stews and casseroles.

Breast of lamb

Tasty when slow roasted.

Hot pot chops (neck of lamb)

Great for stews.

Loin lamb chops


A classic, tasty lamb chop.

Barnsley chops

A double loin chop for those with a good appetite.

Chump chops


A boneless steak with great flavour.

Lamb steak

A fantastic, larger lean steak.

Double minty lamb chops


A juicy double lamb chop with a minty flavour.

Lamb kebab

(see Marinades and sauces to choose your flavouring)

Ideal for the oven, grill or BBQ.

Spicy lamb grill stick

A tasty, spicy grill stick – ideal for the oven, grill or BBQ.

Shoulder of lamb


Perfect for slow roasting – a traditional joint.

Minted lamb Kleftiko


Small shanks of lambs coated in mint marinade. Delicious roasted.

Shank of lamb

Great for braising or roasting.

Leg fillet

A lean, full of flavour joint.

Leg of lamb


A succulent joint, which is full of flavour.

New Zealand leg of lamb

A succulent joint, which is full of flavour.

Rack of lamb

This classic butchers’ cut is perfect for dinner parties.

Looking for inspiration? Visit our Marinades and sauces section to view the exciting marinades we can add to your meat to make mealtimes more tasty.