Marinades and sauces


Mealtimes don’t need to be the same each week, keep things fresh and new with our large selection of marinades and sauces. Some of most popular marinades are pork steaks in peppers, turkey steaks in lemon pepper, lamb chops in mint and chicken kebabs in Chinese. Simply request your meat to be coated in one of the marinades below.



Garlic butter*
Sweet and sour
Smokey BBQ
Jamaican jerk*
Rosemary and garlic
Lemon peppers
Garden mint*
Sticky maple
Piri Piri*
Lime and sweet chilli
Indian curry
Hot ‘n’ spicy*
Louisiana BBQ
Marinades marked with * are also available in a sachet. Aromatic Thai and Barbeque is also available.

For the cupboard

Home Farm pickles, relish and chutney

Sweet red pepper relish
Beetroot chutney
Apricot chutney
Apple chutney
Mango chutney
Caramelised onion chutney
Chunky piccalilli
Baby beetroot in vinegar
Pickled onions
Pickled shallots
Mango and ginger chutney (Tiger Tiger)

Home Farm accompaniments

Concentrated mint sauce
Extra redcurrant jelly
Hot horseradish
Cranberry sauce
Bramley apple sauce
English mustard
Dijon mustard

Home Farm preserves

Extra jam strawberry preserve
Extra jam raspberry preserve
Seville orange marmalade
Orange lemon and ginger marmalade
Pure English honey
Lemon curd

Home Farm sauces

Sweet and sour cooking sauce (450g)
Balti cooking sauce (450g)
Tikka Masala cooking sauce (450g)
Korma cooking sauce (450g)
Chilli cooking sauce (450g)
Pasta cooking sauce (450g)

Other sauces

Dolmio orignal bolognaise (500g)
Uncle Ben’s sweet and sour (500g)
Uncle Ben’s sweet and sour with extra pineapple (500g)

Stuffing, dumplings and Yorkshire pudding mixes

Paxo – sage and onion
Shropshire Spice Co. – sage and onion
Shropshire Spice Co. – chestnut
Shropshire Spice Co. – plum and ginger
Shropshire Spice Co. – parsley, thyme and ginger
Shropshire Spice Co. – apricot and almond
Original – Farmhouse style dumplings mix (142g)
Original – Yorkshire puddings and pancakes mix (142g)
Shropshire Spice Co. – breadcrumbs (150g)

Gravy and stock cubes

Bisto gravy powder (227g)
Bisto gravy granules (170g)
OXO cubes x 12 (beef)
Beef Bovril (125g)


Colman’s Chilli Con Carne mix
Colman’s Shepherd’s Pie mix
Colman’s Spaghetti Bolognaise mix
Colman’s Beef casserole mix
Colman’s Sausage casserole mix
Colman’s Chicken chasseur mix
Colman’s Chicken casserole mix
Colman’s Onion sauce mix
Colman’s White sauce mix
Colman’s Cheddar cheese mix
Colman’s Bread sauce mix
Colman’s Parsley sauce mix
Young’s Curry mix (110g)
Young’s Curry mix (220g)
Black pepper sauce mix (70g)
Schwarz Creamy pepper sauce mix